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09 Jan 2014 Hausdorff Distance Calculates the Hausdorff Distance between two sets of points in a Euclidean metric space. Author: Zachary Danziger

I am having two vectors consisting of sequential locations visited by person-X and Y like:

X = [ (lat1,long1), (lat2,long2), (lat3,long3) ];

Y = [ (lat4,long4), (lat2,long2), (lat3,long3) ];

I need to find similarity between these two vectors. Can this Hausdorff distance help me in any way??

12 Nov 2013 Association Rules This function discovers association rules using Apriori algorithm. Author: Narine Manukyan

Can this program generate Rules with 2-Itemsets?
Actually when I am loading my dataset, it is showing the following error:
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in findRules (line 201)
s1 = [s1 labels{Rules{1}{i}(j)}];

Error in demoAssociationAnalysis (line 35)
[Rules FreqItemsets] = findRules(ds1, minSup, minConf, nRules, sortFlag, labels, fname);

Probably this problem has occurred since the dataset is generating rules of 2-Itemsets. As because the datasets producing Rules of 1-Itemset is executing perfectly.
Please revert back, as to where should i making changes.

12 Nov 2013 ARMADA Data Mining Tool version 1.4 An association rule data mining tool for experimentation and analysis. Author: James Malone

I am having a transaction dataset of 5 Rows and 1975 Columns. This ARMADA tool is not working for such a big dataset. When I am starting the tool for mining the Command window is showing :
Reading data file...
Beginning mining...
Counted LHS: 2 rules
And the execution is stopping. If this is the problem then how to form the Association rule mining for large dataset.

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