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17 Jan 2014 Get Git Info Provides info about the current git repository, including branch name, url and hash. Author: Andrew

Great idea to include the current commit in figures and so on. How about putting it up on GitHub?

Best regards,

23 Oct 2013 Perceptually improved colormaps 7 perceptual colormaps with rainbow-like colors and 1 with heat colors Author: Matteo Niccoli

Very nice idea, never thought about these color perception issues.

There is a small bug in pmkmp.m with my version of MATLAB ( (R2013a)). When using the edge colormap and n values around 100 (e.g. 128 or 64) I get

>> colormap(pmkmp(128,'edge'))
Error using colormap (line 99)
Colormap must have values in [0,1].

I think this is due to interp1 returning negative values under these circumstances.

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