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26 Oct 2013 Tracking red color objects using matlab This program just tracks all red color objects and draws a bounding box around them. Author: A. Bhargav Anand

Your code is great and so fast. I am having a problem .When i try to use the centroid coordinates to display a particular its showing the wrong results. I want to use this for a object following robot but when i use a if loop to decide which character to be sent its not sending correctly.

26 Oct 2013 Color Follower Robot Code detects the red object in the image captured by webcam and communicates with micro-controller Author: Tejas Varunjikar

I saw your color follower robot file and its great. I am working on a similar project to detect red coloured balls and track them. I am confused by one part of your code. Say when you give the output to the microcontroller you are sometimes sending the small alphabets.There you have commented that say"Turn left with DC motor off". My question is how will the robot turn if the DC motor is off. And please send the microcontroller code if you can.
Thank you

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