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17 Nov 2013 Improved Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Calculate full-field displacements and strains from a set of images with a random speckle pattern. Author: Elizabeth Jones

Hello, Elizabeth!

Thank you very much for this work, you've done a great job!

I just wanted to add some notes/questions as a "non-professional" user, so may be someone will have a time for code improvement. Or find what I've didn't.

1. When you want to see the full-image correlation results (after initial guess finding), Visualize_data_GUI shows the results of previous calculations. So you have to start compute_data_GUI "blind", then visualize_data_GUI switch to the new result.

2 . There is no possibility of displacement correction (this function is present, for example, in VEDDAC software). It allows to remove the object moving component from the displacement data and consider only deformation-related displacement. Of course this function does not affect the calculation of deformation, but you can't estimate the deformation-related displacement, which is negligibly small against sample shift.

3 . Code delete_data_GUI is not very convenient to use:
- can't undo the action: one mistake and you have to start over;
- There is only one tool removing items - a task corners of the rectangle ;
- can't zoom in ;
- The images are not visible behind a dense grid;

4 It would be great to count stress tensor in the end. The code should be easy: we just need a strain tensor, Young's modulus and Poisson coefficient

Best regards,

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