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28 Jul 2014 Mesh voxelisation Voxelise a triangular-polygon mesh. Author: Adam A

How to display the resultant [OUTPUTgrid] = VOXELISE(grid_s,grid_s,grid_s,'sample.stl','xyz'); in 3D?(Volumetric plot)...

08 Apr 2014 The Marine Visualization Toolbox The toolbox creates 3D animations from 6 DOF data Author: Andreas Lund Danielsen

Hello dear Andreas Lund Danielsen,
Attn.: One that succ. to install the toolbox,
What I do? - I run the MVTInstall.m from the same folder as the other files as per Installation.txt and I get:

>> MVTinstall
Installing the Marine Visualization Toolbox, version 1.0

Searching for installed components...
No components were found.

Installing toolbox functions:
Error using mkdir
Access is denied.

Error in extractArchive>extractArchiveEntry (line 74)

Error in extractArchive (line 49)
files = extractArchiveEntry( ...

Error in unzip (line 98)
files = extractArchive(outputDir, api, mfilename);

Error in MVTinstall (line 114)
unzip('MVT_toolbox.zip', mvt_folder);

Error in MVTinstall (line 30)

Please respond, what is wrong ? How to fix and install finally the toolbox ?

13 Apr 2012 Point Pattern Matching Algorithm for Hand Gesture / American Sign Language (ASL) Recognition A demonstration of American Sign Language recognition by using a Point Pattern Matching Algorithm. Author: Caglar Arslan

I recently found how the NFA computed in the ASIFT code:

float nfa = orsa((w1+w2)/2, (h1+h2)/2, match_coor, index, t_value_orsa, verb_value_orsa, n_flag_value_orsa, mode_value_orsa, stop_value_orsa);

Any feedback whether that computation is correct?

10 Apr 2012 Myblob Exchange blobs (binary large objects) with MySQL databases Author: Joerg Buchholz

Selection and insertion from/to database work great with the uploaded functions! Thank you

06 Apr 2012 Myblob Exchange blobs (binary large objects) with MySQL databases Author: Joerg Buchholz

what is command_text should be in myblob_to_db (ado_connection, table, column, where, file) function ?

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