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24 May 2012 Multiple Precision Toolbox for MATLAB This toolbox defines a new mp class allowing multiple precision objects in MATLAB. Author: Ben Barrowes

@Ahmed Fasih
Try Multiprecision Computing Toolbox from here: http://advanpix.com

It supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows and the latest Matlabs. Easily installed in a few seconds, no compilation required - everything are installed and tuned automatically for the best performance on your CPU.

Mas OS X (64-bit) and Linux (32 & 64-bit) are also supported. No compilation is required.

Multiprecision Computing Toolbox from Advanpix supports much wider set of MATLAB functions missing in the submission, including eig, det, cond, fft/ifft, chol, fzero, null to name a few. Many advanced numerical methods are supported too - matrix functions, optimization, ODE, root finding, special functions, numerical integration, etc....

11 Apr 2012 N-Point Central Differencing Computes an n-point central difference of function f with spacing h. Author: James

Hi James,

I am author of the page your referenced (thanks!).

Let me know if you need assistance with formulae.

05 Apr 2011 mxGetPropertyPtr C-mex function Fast memory efficient alternative to the API function mxGetProperty. Author: James Tursa

18 Dec 2008 Savitzky-Golay Smoothing and Differentiation Filter Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation filter. Author: Jianwen Luo

Alternative approach for noise-robust differentiation is described here:
On the contrary to Savitzky-Golay filters it has nice property of guaranteed noise suppression.

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