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anum eman

comsats institute of information technology

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16 Feb 2014 Gabor filter bank Generates Gabor filter bank Author: Darko Juric

16 Feb 2014 SIFT (Scale invariant Feature Transform) Algorithm This code gives you the SIFT keys and their descriptors for a given image. Author: Cheggoju Naveen

14 Jan 2014 Performance Measures for Classification This function evaluates the common performance measures for classification models. Author: Barnan Das

25 Dec 2013 Opposite Color Local Binary Patterns (OC-LBP) Implementation of LBP (Texture analysis) incorporating colors Author: Nikolay S.

17 Dec 2013 Particle Swarm Optimization Simulation an animated simulation of particles searching for the minima of a simple function Author: Wesam Elshamy

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