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11 Nov 2013 Plot (Big) Makes MATLAB's line plots much faster. Author: Tucker McClure

Great program!

But here's the issue: It seems to work for a stand alone axis.

But it does not work if I'm trying to hand over an axis in a GUI to it (I don't know if I'm doing it right though).

For example, I have a GUI with 5 separate axes and I need to specify which one I want to plot my data to.

So I have:

h=plot(handles.RawData,data); %handles.RawData is the reference to the axis

But I get the error:

Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.

Error in LinePlotReducer (line 157)
o.x{k} = o.x{k}(:);

Seems though that what's causing the problem here is the section in LinePlotReducer that deals with this which seems to think that the 'XData' field in the handle for plot is a cell array when in fact it is just a regular array.

Or maybe I'm not doing something right

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