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04 Feb 2014 STATMASK: Overlay image with coloured statistical mask Overlay an image with a thresholded statistical mask. The mask values are not rescaled. Author: Andrew Davis

23 Jan 2014 DICOMDir - OO dicom directory DICOMDir parses and browses a given DICOMDIR dicom dictionary fie Author: Sven

24 Dec 2013 qrot3d -- Quaternion Rotation A written-in-C compiled MATLAB function to do fast quaternion rotation on large 3D data sets. Author: Steven Michael

mexw64 would be very useful too

27 Aug 2012 DICOM Example Files Example DICOM files containing MR images of the brain. Author: Jeff Mather

To anyone trying to run the first example code associated with this image set, the syntax for montage is no longer correct. It should be:

06 Feb 2012 Kinect Microsoft SDK Video, Audio, Depth Stream and Skeleton tracking Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Anyone tested yet with the new version 1.0.3 SDK released 1 February 2012 ?

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