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James Adams

Manchester Metropolitan

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Mathematics undergraduate student at MMU. The majority of my programs are aimed at those studying Numerical Mathematics.


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06 May 2014 Screenshot 1D Linear Advection Finite Difference Solves the 1D Linear Advection equations using a choice of five finite difference schemes. Author: James Adams finite difference, linear advection, laxfriedrichs, laxwendroff, adams average, pollutant 31 0
06 May 2014 Screenshot 1D Shallow Water Equations Dam Break Solves the 1D Shallow Water Equations for a Dam Break scenario Author: James Adams shallow water equatio..., finite difference, pde, laxfriedrichs, maccormack, laxwendroff 37 0
21 Apr 2014 Screenshot Lorenz Phase Portrait Plots the phase portrait of the Lorenz system. Author: James Adams lorenz, coupled, system, ode, phase portrait 11 0
21 Apr 2014 Screenshot Double Pendulum Simulation Simulates the motion of a Double Pendulum Author: James Adams double pendulum, phase portrait, time series, cartesian, angle, motion 76 0
03 Apr 2014 Screenshot Lotka-Volterra Predator Prey Model Plots a phase portrait and time series of the Lotka-Volterra model Author: James Adams predator, prey, runge kutta, phase portrait, time series, lotka 96 0
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04 May 2014 Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB Companion Software. Author: Stephen Lynch

Excellent set of programs. Has helped to bring the unit to life.

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