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05 Dec 2013 Free-knot spline approximation Least squares approximation of 1D data using free-knots spline Author: Bruno Luong


I´m always getting the following warning message:

Warning: Options LargeScale = 'off' and Algorithm = 'trust-region-reflective'
conflict. Ignoring Algorithm and running active-set algorithm. To run
trust-region-reflective, set LargeScale = 'on'. To run active-set without this
warning, set Algorithm = 'active-set'.

What am I doing wrong?

30 Nov 2013 SLM - Shape Language Modeling Least squares spline modeling using shape primitives Author: John D'Errico

Wow that is really a great tool.
Is there a possibility to change the used optimizer from fmincom to CPLEX Solver? I hope to have an increased speed using that one. Somehow I have no idea how to deal with line "intknots = fmincon(@free_knot_obj,intknots,A,b, ...
[],[],[],[],[],fminconoptions,x,y,prescrip);" and especially with the free_knot_obj function because CPLEX expects to have a matrix concerning http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/cosinfoc/v12r2/index.jsp?topic=%2Filog.odms.cplex.help%2FContent%2FOptimization%2FDocumentation%2FCPLEX%2F_pubskel%2FCPLEX1131.html at that point. Is there someone who can give me a hint??

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