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06 Feb 2013 Use Mac OS X XML Plists with MATLAB (Updated Version) A updated version of that by John Iversen Author: Yi Sui

Great utility.

However, I get an error when trying to import a plist where the Root is an Array, and each item in the array is a Dict with three Numbers (x, y, z coordinates).

Error received:
Attempted to access arraylv(0); index must be a positive integer or logical.

Error in XMLPlistToStruct2 (line 112)
if arraylv(dictLevel) ==0

Error in loadXMLPlist (line 16)
[S KT]= XMLPlistToStruct2(text);

06 Feb 2013 Use Mac OS X XML Plists with MATLAB Utilities to convert Mac OS X native storage format (XML Property Lists) for use in MATLAB. Author: John Iversen

06 Jan 2009 3D mouse support using classes and events event driven object oriented support for 3dconnexions device package Author: Nick Clark

Very nice and handy tool for using 3Dconnexion 3D-mouse in MATLAB. Works fine with MATLAB R2008a and my Space Pilot. I am using 3DxSoftware v.3.6.11 driver for the mouse.

Good job Nick

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