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14 May 2014 Viewer3D MIP, Color, Slice and Shaded 3D (shearwarp) Volume Rendering, interactive 3D view/measurement GUI Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

I am also getting the black screen with 2014a.

11 Dec 2013 MatlabBGL MatlabBGL provides robust and efficient graph algorithms for Matlab using native data structures. Author: David Gleich

Has anyone used the fruchterman_reingold_force_directed_layout function in matlab. The last line calls fruchterman_reinyold_mex which does not seem to be included in the package.

11 Dec 2013 wgPlot - Weighted Graph Plot (a better version of gplot) Plot graphs with weighted vertices and weighted edges from a weighted adjacency matrix. Author: Mike Wu

Even after I fixed all the other bugs in wgPlotDemo, the last of the demos uses fruchterman_reingold_force_directed_layout, which was not included in wgPlotDemo. I downloaded that off of the mathBgl package, but that function refers to another function called fruchterman_reingold_mex which was not in that package! So now I'm not sure what to do. Any hints on where to find that function?

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