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01 Feb 2014 A MATLAB Script for Propagating Interplanetary Trajectories from Earth to Mars Numerically integrate the orbital equations of motion of an Earth to Mars interplanetary trajectory. Author: David Eagle

What do these errors mean?

Attempted to access coef(753); index out of bounds because numel(coef)=214.

Error in jplephem>interp (line 595)
cbody(m) = coef(n);

Error in jplephem>state (line 432)
tmpv = interp(ibuf, t, ncf, 3, na, 2);

Error in jplephem (line 204)
[pv, rrd] = state(et2, list);

Error in p2000 (line 23)
result = jplephem (jdate, ntarg, ncent);

Error in pcfunc (line 25)
[rf, vf] = p2000(11, ip2, jdate2);

Error in porkchop (line 181)
[dv1, dv2] = pcfunc (JDi, JDf);

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