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19 Dec 2013 MESH2D - Automatic Mesh Generation Generates unstructured triangular meshes for general 2D geometry. Author: Darren Engwirda

I'm doing something that must be pretty standard. I'm needing to mesh a 2d domain with an internal boundary. My approach has been to create 'holes' with zero area, which imposes duplicate nodes. Mesh2d seems able to remove these and gives e.g., the message 'WARNING: 2 duplicate node(s) removed'. However, with some of my examples I get the message: 'Warning: Duplicate data points have been detected. Some data points do not map to vertices in the triangulation. To avoid this behavior, call UNIQUE on the data points prior to calling DELAUNAY.' Now what I would like to know is whether this problem in the geometry is fixed by Mesh2d? I include a simple example of the sort of problem I'm interested in.
PS. Mesh2d has proved invaluable - Thank you!
p1 = [0 0; ...
3 0; ...
3 3; ...
0 3];
p2 = [0.5 1.5; ...
1.5 1.5; ...
1.5 2.5; ...
1.5 1.5; ...
0.5 1.5];
n1 = size(p1,1);
n2 = size(p2,1);
c1 = [(1:n1-1)', (2:n1)'; n1, 1];
c2 = [(1:n2-1)', (2:n2)'; n2, 1];
node = [p1; p2];
cnect = [c1;c2+n1];
hdata.hmax = 1;
[p,t] = mesh2d(node,cnect,hdata,[]);

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