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19 Jan 2009 Template Matching finding template image inside a target image Author: Alaa Eleyan

Hi there.

Can I ask how to implement this? When you say 2 functions are used, which 2? And you're trying to match image2 to image1? I have to match a scale marking in my image(scale is 10mm). So if i have an image of just the 10mm marking, i call it "image2" and then just rename my origional "image1"??

Sorry, little confused.


08 Jan 2009 Detect circles with various radii in grayscale image via Hough Transform Detect circular shapes in a grayscale image. Resolve their center positions and radii. Author: Tao Peng

Hi all. This may seem like a silly question, but how does one run an add on file such as this? I am attempting to detect circles in images. So far, the only code I have in matlab is open/close code to enhance my edges, then blob analysis to detect my circles and finally convex hull code to fill in my circles. So I now have a BW image containing 4 white circles, very much like the images in the examples.

Can someone advise as to how i now implement this file for radius calculations? I attempted to copy and paste but got the error: Error: Function definitions are not permitted at the prompt or in scripts.

Obviously missing something silly here, can anyone help??

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