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Hanna Modin

Lund University

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10 Nov 2009 Mann-Kendall Test Mann-Kendall non-parametric trend test. Author: Simone Fatichi

Thank you!

It is working very well and is very convenient to use since it returns the result of the hypothesis test, not just the test statistic. But: the alternative of S = 0 --> Z = 0 is not accounted for if I'm right.

For future updates I would also wish for a default significance level (for convenience). And perhaps a mention in the help text that there should be no autocorrelation in residuals.

19 Jan 2009 deleteoutliers For input vector A, returns a vector B with outliers removed. Author: Brett Shoelson

Thank you for a nice implementation of Grubbs test! If I might suggest an improvement that would be to make the test work with other than vectors, e.g. to remove outliers from each row in a matrix separately

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