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09 Jan 2014 export_fig Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. Author: Oliver Woodford

An essential addition to MATLAB, they should include this as standard in future releases. Great.

One question: does export_fig always use the dimensions of the onscreen figure as a guide? For example, I want to export my figure as a TIFF at 300dpi, with a width of 17.3cm. This equates to an image 2049 pixels wide, and this will not fit on my screen. Thanks for the help.

08 Jan 2014 printeps This works around MATLABs tendency to call all fonts 'Helvetica' in .eps files. Author: Jose Aumentado

Works well. I would repeat the comment of Nick Gravish below, with regards to exact font name. I wanted all text in my exported EPS to be Arial, and I had to make actualfont = 'ArialMT'; for this to work. Setting actualfont = 'Arial' made the EPS have courier fonts.

Another comment, printeps can be called on an EPS figure made by export_fig, which for me is the perfect way to create vector figures from MATLAB.

Top job Jose!

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