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12 May 2014 Screenshot LTE Cell Search (from A/D samples to PBCH MIB decoding) Decode TDD/FDD LTE PBCH MIB message from 1.92Msps A/D samples. Author: Xianjun Jiao lte tdlte sdrsoftware... 20 0
10 Feb 2014 Screenshot rtl-sdr: multi-dongles based flexible spectrum scanner Multi-dongles scanner with configurable parameters: start-end frequency, RBW, num of dongles, etc. Author: Xianjun Jiao rtlsdr, software defined radi..., spectrum scanner, rtl_tcp 23 0
10 Feb 2014 Screenshot rtl-sdr: multi-dongles based GSM FCCH scanner Multi-dongles parallel GSM FCCH scanner to help you find GSM broadcasting carrier quickly! Author: Xianjun Jiao rtlsdr, rtl_tcp, gsm, fcch, scanner 19 0

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