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19 Nov 2009 Export2Excel A function which exports a given Matlab array / Cell array to an Excel Spreadsheet. Author: Shameemraj Nadaf

It can be a great tool...
But it only works if you give the row of firstcell is between 1 and 9.

Export2Excel(data,'B2') will work.
Export2Excel(data,'BB2') will work.

Export2Excel(data,'B22') will not work.

??? Undefined function or variable "lastcell".

Error in ==> Export2Excel at 84
lastcell = strcat(lastcell,num2str(m+(row_number-1)));

06 Nov 2009 Printing Variables to HTML Tables in Published Code This file lets you display variables as HTML tables in your published MATLAB files. Author: Ned Gulley

The nanmin.m and nanmax.m files can be downloaded here :
It could be nice if Ned adds these two files in his distribution.

29 Sep 2009 41 Complete GUI Examples 41 working GUIs to read and learn. Author: Matt Fig

25 Sep 2009 Local Peaks Find local peaks or troughs in a vector Author: Christopher Hummersone

Brillant !
You could have added an extra output which gives the values of the local peaks or throughs.

29 Apr 2009 Master GUI with Ease Powerpoint slides on creating a GUI and programming it. Author: Husam Aldahiyat

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