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23 Mar 2014 Quiver plot for scattered data Quiver plots directly from scattered data Author: Duane Hanselman

Can this code be used to reconstruct the orientation field of the ridges in a fingerprint???............

26 Feb 2014 Fingerprint matching algorithm using shape context and orientation descriptors Fingerprint matching code using a hybrid descriptor. EER < 1% (approx. 0.75%) on FVC2002 Db1_A. Author: Joshua Abraham

Hello Joshua
Thanx for providing the program
i do get errors on 2 variable "START" and "FINISH" and since I am a beginner regarding Matlab i couldn't find a way to solve it and so my questoin here is whether should i use the file name of the image at the places of hose 2 variables or else what else should I do?

My actual question here what to do with using the 2 variables "START" and "FINISH"?

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