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Christophe Trefois

University of Luxembourg

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28 Jan 2014 Fast String to Double Conversion str2doubleq converts text to double like Matlab's str2double,but up to 400x faster! multithreaded. Author: Quant Guy


This is by design of the isreal function.

From the doc,:
If A has a stored imaginary part of value 0, isreal(A) returns logical 0 (false).

You may however expect that the returned number is not complex when the imaginary part is 0.

28 Jan 2014 matlab-ParforProgress2 A PARFOR progress monitor for Matlab GUIs and the command line (works with normal for-loops) Author: Andreas

28 Jan 2014 log4m - A powerful and simple logger for matlab A simple logger with log4j functionality but designed with the matlab-user in mind. Author: Luke Winslow

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