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29 Apr 2014 Shunt Active Power Filter Shunt Active Power Filter based on pq Theory. Author: Jawad Iqbal


08 Mar 2014 Power Factor Measurement Block A simple block that can measure the power factor accurately. Author: Saurabh Kabdal

Thank you very much

08 Mar 2014 Dstatcom Distributed statcom is presented to control the receiving end voltage Author: Siva Malla

Thank you very much...
Have you ever worked with upfc?
have u ever simulation UPFC?

08 Mar 2014 Hysteresisband(Relay)with variable hystersisband Hysteresisband(Relay)with variable hystersisband Author: Mahdi

good joob

08 Mar 2014 power quality improvement using shunt APF this is the screen shot of source current after improving using hysteresis current control Author: bharath

it'snot work... why ? the erorr is Failed to load library 'powerlib_meascontrol' referenced by 'main_final/Subsystem/PLL (3ph)'

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