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21 Jun 2012 Making MATLAB Swing TabbedPanes, SplitPanes, SideBars, ScrollPanes etc for MATLAB Author: Malcolm Lidierth

After reading the manual I must say I'm impressed. This is a nice piece of software. However, license type GPL v3 seems to be a very poor choice in my opinion. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't this force any work which just "uses" this library to be published under GPL as well? This is weird for something that abstract as a GUI container and is a reason for me not to use it. Therefore, 1 star only.

Are there any chances switching to BSD? If not, what is the reason for GPL?

29 Dec 2010 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Thank you Ben and David for this contribution. The flexible boxes finally provide a way of real interactive GUI scalability. Found nothing comparable.

Unfortunately, still some bugs and missing features (in v1.8) for large GUI applicatons. E.g.
* for containers with 2 or more dividers, sliding one divider behind another one throws "Width and height must be > 0" in Container>Container.repositionChild at 340
* dividers often overlap borders of adjacent panels, looks very unprofessional (perhaps a rounding problem of pixel positions?)
* poor redrawing in case of many nested flexible boxes (one has to watch the controls getting resized back and forth several times until the final result)
* user-defined WindowButtonUpFcn is getting lost when a divider is moved while any figure mode is on (e.g. zoom). When turning off the mode, the WindowButtonUpFcn of the devider is restored instead of the user-defined callback function.
* nice to have: height and width limits and maybe other constraints for flexible containers. Perhaps one can adopt some ideas from another nice layout manager: GridBagLayout. Thanks to OOP I'm of course free to do this by subclassing, but maybe the feature finds its way into the uiextras toolbox.

29 Dec 2010 GridBagLayout A MATLAB class which controls layout and resize of a figure/uipanel/uicontainer. Author: Jason

05 Aug 2009 num2cellstr num2CellStr converts numeric or logical array to a cell array of strings Author: Andrew Watson

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