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13 Mar 2014 Deep Learning Toolbox Deep Belief Nets, Stacked Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Nets and more. With examples. Author: Rasmus Berg Palm

Thanks for your code! But, when I execute cnnexamples in CNN folder after modifying cnn.layers' kernel size from "5" to "4",
I got an error in cnnbp.m line 37 like "Array dimensions must match for binary array op."
please check this error message. Thanks.

26 Feb 2014 Deep Neural Network It provides deep learning tools of deep belief networks (DBNs). Author: Masayuki Tanaka


Your code is very helpful for me.

But during understanding your code, I wonder why you are using linear mapping for calculating weights between TrainLabels and last hidden nodes?

Is there any advantage using linear mapping?

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