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05 Feb 2009 Multicore - Parallel processing on multiple cores This package provides parallel processing on multiple cores/machines. Author: Markus Buehren

I've been using multicore for a while now and its absolutely excellent. I'm running on 5 dual xeon x5460 as well as a couple of quad core boxes.

I was wondering if anyone compared performance of this toolbox with the parfor parallel computing matlab toolbox. Are they comparable?

I believe I'm bottlenecked now due to the hard disk I/O, so I was looking at the in memory possibilities of this or potentially upgrading my hd's to solid state to reduce the overhead.

BTW, I also tried precreating all the mat files once instead of doing multiple loops to reduce the I/O. Unfortunately, that didn't help as much as I hoped.

Don't get me wrong though, this is much, much, much faster than single threading, but as always we need to keep pushing :).

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