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09 Mar 2009 filtfilthd Zero-phase forwards/backwards filtering using SP toolbox dfilt filter objects Author: Malcolm Lidierth

Provides a solution to the limited resolution of the matlab transfer function filter forms when calling filtfilt. Filter objects can be created with zero pole gain prototypes, converted to second order sections and avoid the numerical precision problems associated with [b,a] transfer functions but allow use of filtfilt to eliminate phase distortion.

06 Feb 2009 mpgwrite The MPEG converter takes a MATLAB movie matrix and writes the movie to disk as an MPEG file. Author: David Foti

Add MPG directory to myToolBox. Add to path with subdirectory. Windows only needs the dll. The sample file plox needs a fixed axis in addition to equal to keep images at same dimensions. Working fine with 2008b with these minor tweaks.

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