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New York University

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PhD Candidate in Controls

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Control and optimization


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09 May 2014 Adaptive dynamic programming for uncertain continuous-time linear systems Simulation code for the paper by Y Jiang and ZP Jiang, Automatica, 2012 Author: Yu control design, machine learning, optimal control 27 0
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04 Apr 2014 Ascii Art image converter Turns image files into ascii art Author: Daniel Baamonde

Hi Daniel

This is awesome. I have two suggestions that may be helpful.

1) The size of the rectangular that you use to replace ASCII characters is fixed to 4*7. Can you let the program adjust it automatically according to the actual size of the image?

2) In Line 54, I guess the default value of which_char is better to be 0, not 1. Otherwise, the space character will not be used in the TXT figure.


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