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24 Apr 2014 Smart PowerPoint Exporter Exports Matlab figures to PowerPoint. Fixes formatting directly in PowerPoint to allow easy editing. Author: Dmitriy Aronov

I think the feature('COM_SafeArraySingleDim', 1)
should be reset to 0 when the function is done, so matlabs default behavior is restored

07 Apr 2014 STRJOIN Concatenate an array into a single string. Author: Kota Yamaguchi

Thanks! It's even faster than the newly introduced build-in strjoin (at least the 2013a-Version I tested with a 1x100000 cell array of strings)


>> a=cell(1,100000);[a{:}] = deal('bla');
>> b=nan;tic;for ii =1:10;b=strjoin(a,' ');end;toc;
Elapsed time is 5.018935 seconds.
>> b=nan;tic;for ii =1:10;b=strjoin2(a,' ');end;toc;
Elapsed time is 0.424864 seconds.

where strjoin2 is the one I'm commenting on

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