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21 Nov 2014 Digital Image Correlation and Tracking Calculate displacement and strain from a series of images Author: Christoph Eberl

Hi I'm a Ph.D student..I'm doing project in MEMS..First I thanks for giving the valualbe code.
I have the following error in peak_labelling.m..I want solution..once again thanks to giving this.

Undefined function or variable "fitxy".

Error in peak_labelling (line 241)
plot(fitxy(:,3),fitxy(:,7),'o','Color','white'); % "good" points

24 Jun 2014 Face Detection using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Face Detection using Gabor feature extraction and support vector machines (SVMs) Author: Omid Sakhi

Hi omid
I am facing following error
" Error using imshow>preParseInputs (line 429)
The syntax IMSHOW(...,'notruesize') has been removed. Use the IMSHOW(...,'InitialMagnification','fit')
syntax instead.

Error in imshow (line 214)
varargin_translated = preParseInputs(varargin{:});

Error in main (line 45)

please help urgently

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