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13 May 2014 (another) JSON Parser Parses JSON strings into structures and cell arrays. Author: François Glineur

hello Francois! I have used your program to parse my json file and it succeeded! thank your for your efforts!

but when I try to use parse_json to parse a much larger json file which is 3.38G errors occurred. I can't understand the errors, can you help me? follow is the error message:

Error using parse_json/error_pos (line 191)
Expected , at position 285210628 : ... " : "闂佃10璺?,
"<error>BaiduLongitute" : 121 ...

Error in parse_json/parse_char (line 68)
error_pos(sprintf('Expected %c at position %%d', c));

Error in parse_json/parse_object (line 43)

Error in parse_json/parse_value (line 157)
val = parse_object;

Error in parse_json/parse_array (line 54)
val = parse_value;

Error in parse_json (line 22)
data = parse_array;

Error in ProgrameForBus_position (line 2)

and I firstly use fileread function to transfer json to string, the string had been successfully obtained.

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