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13 Jun 2011 Color coded 3D scatterplot Produces a 3D scatterplot of XYZ data with varying colors Author: Ken Garrard

23 Mar 2011 Mesh voxelisation Voxelise a triangular-polygon mesh. Author: Adam A

Great voxelising script, I've found it very useful. One thing I'd like to see if possible - if I try to voxelise multiple bodies that overlap, where they overlap the script returns 'void' voxels rather than 'solid'. Preferably I'd like to see these returned as solid as well. Cheers!

22 Feb 2011 mesh2tri Creates regular triangulation of meshgrid data Author: Kevin Moerman

Works perfectly!

20 Nov 2009 Fast 2-D convolution Speeds up many 2-D convolutions using the SVD; also finds a fast approximation in other cases. Author: David Young

I'm fairly sure this used to have loads of 5* comments? Anyway, this script is great. The increase in speed over conv2 for me was 10 times. Really easy to use - outstanding!

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