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02 May 2014 Screenshot Figure from text file (supports HTML tags) This function takes text from a file and creates a figure to display it Author: Andrew html, jlabel, jtable, jscrollpane, swingx, java 10 0
01 May 2014 MxArrayDefinition Creates a C style definition of an mxArray (for use in mex applications) Author: Andrew mxarray, mxarray_tag, mxinternals 13 0
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13 Feb 2011 InplaceArray: a semi-pointer package for Matlab Manipulate (multi-dimensional) arrays in the in-place form Author: Bruno Luong

Hi Bruno. Can I suggest adding the line:

((Internal_mxArray*)(BMAT))->reserved3 = 1; /*give it a reference count*/

Around about line 194 of inplacearray.c. This will tell Matlab not to try to free the memory pointer so:

A = eye(3);
B = inplacecolumn(A, 2);
clear B;

will not cause Matlab to crash (R2009A anyway)
--Cheers, Andrew

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