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23 Jan 2013 Motion Driver for SimMechanics A block to generate velocity and acceleration from a position signal. Author: Daniel

24 Jul 2011 Position Control of a DC Motor Position control of a DC motor Author: Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

Simple. Accurate. Absolute. Thank you very much.

22 Jul 2011 Monopod Hopper Simulink model of a monopod hopper with 5 degrees of freedom. Author: Pouyan Taghipour Bibalan

great work. i am planning to construct a simmechanics model for a hopper and biped. designing robot part is straightforward by using simmechanics, however calculating ground contact forces is a hard to solve problem for me as an electrical engineering. thank you very much. i will examine and refer to your model.

as an critique, it was good to have an animation.

26 Feb 2009 Suppress Command Window This program will suppress the command window for compiled programs. Author: Nathan Childress

It is very useful, thank you very much. But i have a problem. Is anybody try to join exe files into a single exe with exe-joiners. "suppress" file works very well at unpackaged situation, but when i packaged them with exe joiner (i only call suppress.exe file) it dont work. Can anybody tell the reason?

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