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10 Jun 2014 A MATLAB Script for Earth-to-Mars Mission Design Determines optimal n-body ballistic trajectories from Earth park orbit to encounter at Mars. Author: David Eagle

10 Jun 2014 The Long-term Evolution of Geosynchronous Transfer Orbits Interactive MATLAB script that predicts the long-term evolution of geosynchronous transfer orbits. Author: David Eagle

10 Jun 2014 Modeling Aero-assist Flight Mechanics with MATLAB Numerically integrate the flight path equations of motion of an aero-assist vehicle. Author: David Eagle

10 Jun 2014 Impulsive Hyperbolic Injection from a Circular Earth Park Orbit – NLP Method PDF document and MATLAB script for interplanetary injection using a nonlinear programming method. Author: David Eagle

10 Jun 2014 Two-dimensional, Low-thrust Earth-to-Mars Trajectory Analysis with MATLAB Determines optimal, two-dimensional low-thrust Earth-to-Mars interplanetary trajectories. Author: David Eagle

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