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09 Dec 2014 MDF Import Tool and Function App and function to import signal data from MDF (Measure Data Format) files Author: Stuart McGarrity

Hi Stuart,

This is great tool for INCA generated MDF (*.dat) files. Though I am unable to comprehend the functionaliy of Ideal Uniform time vector creation from the GUI.

Once Import Signals is pressed, all the variables generated in workspace have no change in the vector lengths. The unequal lengths of several parameters remain unchanged for the actual time and even for the ideal uniform time vector selection. To my understanding when I choose an ideal time of say 10 msec, then all the data should have been interpolated on 1 uniform time axis threby providing all vectors of equal length, i dont see this happening.

Can you please comment on the expected behavior.


13 Oct 2010 xml_io_tools Read XML files into MATLAB struct and writes MATLAB data types to XML Author: Jaroslaw Tuszynski

This question is regarding the capability of this tool to handle transfer function matrices.
Keep posting if there is a any update on how to save transfer function in xml file .

I have a variable named PF which looks like this :

Transfer function from input 1 to output...
#1: 1

#2: 0

Transfer function from input 2 to output...
#1: 0

#2: ---------
s + 0.215

??? Error using ==> char
Conversion to char from tf is not possible.

Error in ==> xml_write>var2str at 414
str = char(object);

Error in ==> xml_write>struct2DOMnode at 339
txt = xml.createTextNode(var2str(s, Pref.PreserveSpace));

Error in ==> xml_write>array2DOMnode at 366
struct2DOMnode(xml, parent, v, TagName, Pref ); % recursive call

Error in ==> xml_write>struct2DOMnode at 259
array2DOMnode(xml, node, s, Pref.ItemName, Pref ); % recursive call

Error in ==> xml_write at 165
struct2DOMnode(DOMnode, root, tree, DPref.ItemName, DPref);

Error in ==> minky_xml_format_mat_file at 310
xml_write('test_jd.xml', aray_vec1);

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