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13 Oct 2010 xml_io_tools Read XML files into MATLAB struct and writes MATLAB data types to XML Author: Jaroslaw Tuszynski

This question is regarding the capability of this tool to handle transfer function matrices.
Keep posting if there is a any update on how to save transfer function in xml file .

I have a variable named PF which looks like this :

Transfer function from input 1 to output...
#1: 1

#2: 0

Transfer function from input 2 to output...
#1: 0

#2: ---------
s + 0.215

??? Error using ==> char
Conversion to char from tf is not possible.

Error in ==> xml_write>var2str at 414
str = char(object);

Error in ==> xml_write>struct2DOMnode at 339
txt = xml.createTextNode(var2str(s, Pref.PreserveSpace));

Error in ==> xml_write>array2DOMnode at 366
struct2DOMnode(xml, parent, v, TagName, Pref ); % recursive call

Error in ==> xml_write>struct2DOMnode at 259
array2DOMnode(xml, node, s, Pref.ItemName, Pref ); % recursive call

Error in ==> xml_write at 165
struct2DOMnode(DOMnode, root, tree, DPref.ItemName, DPref);

Error in ==> minky_xml_format_mat_file at 310
xml_write('test_jd.xml', aray_vec1);

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