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04 Jul 2014 Efficient Graph based image Segmentation A simple and efficient graph based image segmentation algorithm Author: Su Dongcai

Good implementation.

On Linux some modifications:
- change the file seperator '/' by filesep in the test files.

- remove the GLTREE:: in the GLTree.h for the declaration of
void SearchClosest(Coord3D *p,Coord3D *pk,int* idc,double* mindist);
void SearchKClosest(Coord3D *p,Coord3D *pk,int* idc,double* mindist,int k);

- remove the double brackets in the file GLTree.cpp { {step=Maxz-Minz;}}

- change the name of the function for the case sensitive problems in knn_search.m for the DeleteGLTree (the case sensitive problems occur at a few other places)

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