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05 Aug 2013 Screenshot distributed radio net best routs found with dijkstra's algorithm Author: Maxim Vedenyov distributed net, ber, dijkstra, graph 13 0
  • 4.0
4.0 | 1 rating
21 May 2013 Screenshot inuctancies for wire loops calculates self inductance and mutual inductance Author: Maxim Vedenyov inductance, mutual inductance, wire, magnetic field, integration 18 0
22 Apr 2013 Screenshot spin echo simulation NMR, 90,180 deg rotations Author: Maxim Vedenyov spin, echo, nmr, simulation, larmor 12 0
16 Apr 2013 Screenshot Nuclear magnetic resonance simulation In classics approximation Author: Maxim Vedenyov nmr, nuclear, magnetic, resonance, larmor, precession 6 0
14 Apr 2013 Screenshot video from random points probability controled by frames of video Author: Maxim Vedenyov rejection sampling, video, random, points, pdf, neo 8 0
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12 Apr 2013 Equalizer, audioplayer, GUI Possible to change equalizer during playing Author: Maxim Vedenyov

For mp3 reading it is need to download mmread codes as explaned in the description.

14 Sep 2012 Mandelbrot set, animated zoom output: avi or gif Author: Maxim Vedenyov

This line
F=[F(2:end) F(end:-10:2)];
in mandelbrot3_avi.m
add fast zoom out at end.

There is no such line in mandelbrot3_gif.m
For geting zoming out change zm in for-loop header:
for zm=1:0.35:zmmx
cange to:
for zm=zmmx:-0.35:1

06 Sep 2012 Flatulence sound generator sawtooth signal + High Pass filter = fun Author: Maxim Vedenyov

How it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXTWajrZAZM

20 Mar 2012 vibrating string simulator Possible to set inital position, velocity, friction. Author: Maxim Vedenyov

See how it works here:

16 Mar 2012 Interactive curve class change curve by markers drag-and-drop Author: Maxim Vedenyov

robert howrd, main thing here is not GUI, it is object that you can insert to any GUI. For example waveform generator: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/35183-waveform-generator-gui-2

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27 Nov 2014 Travelling salesman problem with Genetic algorithm GUI and no GUI versions, with description in docx file Author: Maxim Vedenyov Ahmad Azar

11 Nov 2014 2d bin packing problem with genetic algorithm With mutations, crossover, ect. With animation Author: Maxim Vedenyov zaheer ahmad

a sequence of code without proper documentation.
that makes it difficult to understand.

11 Aug 2014 find graph conected components [labels roots] = graph_connected_components(connection_matrix) Author: Maxim Vedenyov Genevieve

19 Jul 2014 Equalizer, audioplayer, GUI Possible to change equalizer during playing Author: Maxim Vedenyov ALI

20 Jun 2014 2d diffusion simulation, GUI points with random step each frame of time Author: Maxim Vedenyov Fabricio Pereira

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