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09 Dec 2014 COLORMAP and COLORBAR utilities (Jul 2014) MATLAB color utilities including COLORMAP join and interpolation; freeze and fit COLORBAR, etc. Author: Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

cbfreeze does not seem to work with the 2014b.
Reference to non-existent field 'XLim'.

Error in cbfreeze (line 310)
XLim = cb_prop.XLim;

25 Apr 2012 subplot_grid A subplot figure with a lot of fancy features Author: Joris Kampman

The demo really shows what this can do. However, it doesn't show how to do it. I would probably increase my rating to a 5star if there were examples to go along with the function.

17 Apr 2012 Subaxis - Subplot Use HTML jargon for multi axis layout. Author: Aslak Grinsted

I'm in agreement with Toby. None of the functions on MATLAB central that address the spacing issue seem to handle spanning multiple columns/rows (tight_subplot.m,subplotSpacing.m or subaxis). The search continues.

17 Apr 2012 tight subplot Fills the figure with axes subplots with easily adjustable margins and gaps between the axes. Author: Pekka Kumpulainen

I second what Dan said. Spanning multiple columns/rows would be really useful. For example:
ha = tight_subplot(2,2,0.1,0.1,0.1)
axes(ha([3 4]))plot(x3,y3);

17 Apr 2012 subplotSpacing.m Shrink or expand the spacing between subplots in a figure. Author: Dan Pendleton

This doesn't work if you combine subplots - line 18 in the code catches it as an error. For example:
subplot(2,2,[3 4]);plot(x3,y3);
MATLAB returns:
Error using subplotSpacing (line 18)
dimensions of subplot do not match number of elements of h

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