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26 Oct 2012 GrADS - Matlab Interface Read the GrADS control file and retrieves the variable accordingly into the Matlab workspace Author: Christophe Sturm

Good work, that's probably the only easy way to read GRADS file. Unfortunately, it has some problem with some CTL headers...e.g. it doesn't accept ALL the data formats and the use of '*' as comment character.

23 Mar 2012 Random Forest Creates an ensemble of cart trees similar to the matlab TreeBagger class. Author: Leo

Very good software, thank you for your effort!
I was wondering whether a replace with replacement is really implemented in this method as the documentation says.
When you make (lines 43-44):
TDindx = round(numel(Labels)*rand(n,1)+.5);
(NOTE: why not using 'randi' function?)
you get 'n' indexes and THEN you make:
TDindx = unique(TDindx);
removing all the duplicates (or more)!!!
Is it correct?

18 Aug 2010 hline and vline Draws 'low-impact' horizontal or vertical lines on the current axes Author: Brandon Kuczenski

13 May 2010 Matlab Weka Interface Matlab interface for Weka Classifiers Author: Matt Dunham

Very useful!

16 Nov 2009 Hypervolume Indicator A tool to estimate the hypervolume indicator Author: Yi Cao

Thank you, it's perfect!

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