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12 May 2009 Simulator of the Deming Funnel Experiment Simulates the Deming funnel experiment allowing runs for 4 scenarios of the attempted control Author: Krystian statistics, spc, simulation, demo, modeling 6 0
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21 Jun 2011 RS232 Blockset This blockset allows Simulink to communicate with remote devices using RS232 interface. Author: Leonardo Daga

On R2007b an attempt to include the RS 232 Synch Binary Buffer
generates following error message:

"jar:file:/C:/Matlab2007b/java/jar/toolbox/dastudio.jar!/com/mathworks/toolbox/dastudio/diagView/resources/nag_red.gif Model error Unknown Simulink Block 'built-in/readBinBuffer2' already has a built-in parameter 'mask'. Hence a mask parameter of the same name cannot be added."

I am sure it worked fine with R13.
Any hints how to get it running?

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