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13 Jan 2014 boundedline.m Plot one or more lines with a shaded boundary (can represent error, confidence intervals, etc). Author: Kelly Kearney

Lovely function! makes pretty plots. Sadly I haven't yet found an easy way to save plots with these patches in a vectorized form. My two cents regarding NaNs. While I agree there is clearly some ambiguity as to what to do with NaNs. The complete lack of support is not consistent with the basic behavior of existing plotting functions like 'line.' Which one would like to seamlessly substitute for a function like this.
'Line' introduces a discontinuity at NaNs This implementation may be slightly more difficult with patches. But it has the benefit of both being consistent with the meaning of a NaN and very convenient for formatting plots (e.g. when the user desires to easily separate an otherwise contiguous line.)

05 Nov 2009 FileTime Get and set the times for creation, access and modification of a file or folder (Windows only) Author: Jan Simon

Useful function.
Beaware, however that the times return by this function do not necessarily match those return by the MATLAB dir function. This seems to because Windows add an hour when reporting the time during daylight savings time (even if the file wasn't created during daylight savings time. See http://www.mathworks.com/support/solutions/en/data/1-1YLPX9/index.html?product=ML&solution=1-1YLPX9.)
MATLAB however does not do this.

I this function appears to return the Windows time. So I have run into problems when using the two functions together.

26 Aug 2009 Compare Structures Compares two structured variables recursively and notes where the two structures are different. Author: michael arant

03 Jun 2009 allowaxestogrow With one click, zoom axes for better visibility. Author: Matt Caywood

Nice tool.
Unfortunately, if you try and use the zoom/pan tools after applying allowaxestogrow to your figure they don't work NOR does allowaxestogrow zoom functionality

18 Mar 2009 Exponential fit, without start-guess Fits 1) f=s1+s2*exp(-t/s3) or 2) f=s1+s2*exp(-t/s3)+s4*exp(-t/s5) to numerics, without startguess Author: Per Sundqvist

Works fine for the simple fits I have tried. It would be great if it had confidence intervals on fit values

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