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08 Jul 2010 Hausdorff Distance Computes the Hausdorff distance between two point clouds. Author: Hassan Radvar-Esfahlan

The update is not made yet, I had to change the code.
But it seems to be ok.

18 May 2010 mRMR Feature Selection (using mutual information computation) This is a cross-platform version of mimimum-redundancy maximum-relevancy feature selection Author: Hanchuan Peng

Hi, I tried to get the enwest version of the toolbox and recompile all c++ files but it keeps saying me 'Out of memory' just like Maha Sulaeman before.

May someone help me on this?

21 Apr 2010 keep KEEP is complementary to the "clear" command: it keeps the supplied variables and deletes the rest. Author: David Yang

Just magic,

Thx :)

12 Apr 2010 Image segmentation & Extraction This program segments and extracts objects from an image. Author: Jeny Rajan


I don't really see what use could ber done by such a code beyond the example... It is good I think in order to have a first approach of basic functions use if you are a Matlab newbie (rgbtogray, bwlabel, ...) that you sometimes search for hours.

However, I don't really see who may use taht in the future...

31 Mar 2010 M-file Header Template Promotes better m-file documentation by encouraging authors to produce informative headers. Author: Denis Gilbert

Perfect. That is what is was searching for.

Thx, I ll be pleased to use your notations.

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