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21 Apr 2011 Screenshot subplot2plot subplot2plot copies every subplot tile to a separate figure window Author: Arthur subplot 5 0
18 Feb 2011 loadFields from mat files Loads a field from a number of mat files. Author: Arthur data exploration, data import 11 0
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10 Jun 2011 Dave's MATLAB Shooter a vertical-scrolling shoot-em-up game Author: David Buckingham

Very nice! I love it!

07 Apr 2011 Parse property/value pairs and structures Parses property/value pairs just like Handle Graphics functions. Author: Douglas Schwarz

Just what I needed!

06 Apr 2011 LSM File Toolbox Functions for reading info databases of Zeiss LSM confocal microscope files. Author: Peter Li

I noticed a small bug in reading the scaninfo. The last character of all strings were chopped off. In scaninforead.m I changed line 46 to

value = value(1:end-1);

which solved it for me.

30 Mar 2011 TabPanel Constructor v2.8 (2010) TabPanel Constructor offers the easiest way for creating of tabpanels in MATLAB! Author: Elmar Tarajan

Very nice!

08 Mar 2011 IMWRITESIZE Write image file with specified width and resolution Write a TIFF or PNG image file with specified width (inches) and resolution (dpi). Author: Steve Eddins

Nice, thanks

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