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12 Jul 2013 saveppt This function saves Matlab figure windows or Simulink models to a Powerpoint file. Author: Mark Brown

Just wondering, if there is a way to use your code to save *.tif images on the powerpoint slides.

I tried using, print('-dtiff',prnopt), but i kept getting this error

Warning: Files produced by the 'tiff' driver cannot be sent to printer.
File saved to disk under name 'figure1.tif'.
> In graphics\private\name at 74
In print at 209
In saveppt at 69
In getOutputPresentation>getclinicalplots at 1817
In getOutputPresentation at 1018

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice. Thanks


25 Jul 2011 tts version 1.0 Text To Speech function, via Win32 Speech API (SAPI). Author: Iari-Gabriel Marino

Awesome code.. Thanks

08 Mar 2010 continuous wavelet transform and inverse Continuous wavelet transform (CWT) and Inverse CWT for reconstructing original signal. Author: jon erickson

Hi Jon, I am also having trouble reconstructing the signal back. I get a vector having all values NAN.

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