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18 Nov 2009 real2rgb & colormaps Converts intensity matrices into truecolor images. Author: Oliver Woodford

Hi Oliver.

I don't understand what happens when a colour map with more than 256 elements is requested. I'm trying to create a jet colour map with 1024 elements to display a 10 bit image using the image function. If I do this using either your version of jet or the Matlab one, I get the same result - all blue! 512 creates blue and green strips. 300 elements gives the normal jet colour map between 0 and 255, then it looks like it starts over again from blue. This is not what I would expect - values lower than 256 correctly fit the full colour range into the number of colour map entries requested - I don't see why this should be any different for larger colour maps.

The work around I'm using is to use pcolor instead of image to plot the data, as this seems to work with a smaller (presumably 256 element) colour map and map the data onto this. While this works, I don't like the pcolor function very much. It's not intended for displaying images. The axes labels align with grid lines instead of pixels, the data cursor selects points instead of pixels, and I need to have an extra row and column of data.

Is there a way of getting a 1024 element colour map that behaves as would be expected?


02 Apr 2009 Multicore - Parallel processing on multiple cores This package provides parallel processing on multiple cores/machines. Author: Markus Buehren

Brilliant tool! Great being able to sit back and watch a progress bar sliding along as a room full of computers gets to work doing your simulation.

I have a question though - what dimensions are typically used for parameterCell? I've tried doing some large multidimensional runs (e.g. 4x150x10) and things seemed to grind to a halt - I'm still looking into it, just wondered if the dimensions I'm using are typical or too large.

Cheers. Great work,

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