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26 Apr 2010 Drag and Drop Drag and Drop to and from Matlab Figure Author: Raphael Austin

Agreed that Lukas's statement should be a comment, not a rating. I would also like to know a cross-platform way of doing it, but have found none to date.

16 May 2009 Droste Effect Tool Apply the Droste Effect to an image using a GUI or function call. Author: Steve Hoelzer

Very interesting and fun.

07 Apr 2009 figuresc Create a figure scaled relative to screen size. It's an easy way to make non-default size figures. Author: Steve Hoelzer

How many times have you created figures and had to look up how to resize them. This removes all the thought process and let you get on with coding the interesting stuff ...

07 Apr 2009 subfigure Create a figure within a grid-based layout. Like subplot, but for figures. Author: Steve Hoelzer

Very useful tool for grouping plots. I've used it often.

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