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20 Oct 2011 Screenshot Method to find prime numbers The goal is to present an algorithm that provides the prime numbers in an extremely simple way Author: Gabriel Kasser math, prime, number, computation, wavelength 6 0
07 Mar 2010 Multiple file remover This file is made to locate the same in different parts of your disks Author: Gabriel Kasser hard disk find multip... 3 0
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11 Apr 2009 Iterative Pyramidal LK Optical Flow An implementation of Lucas-Kanade optical flow computation. Author: Berkin Bilgic


I am a french student and I tried make your algorythm work with python but I have a problem (I don't know if it is me or the pdf). when I compute the G matrix , this one is always uninvertible (I dont see how it would be possible to invert a Matrix [[Ix²,Ix*Iy],[IX*Iy,Iy²]] because the determinant is always 0) could you help me please?

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