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08 Jun 2009 MATLAB xUnit Test Framework MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code. Author: Steve Eddins

Steve, thanks for making this available. I had used xtargets/munit in the past, and while quite powerful, the syntax was different from other *Unit frameworks, which I felt took away from it a little. I've used *Unit in Python, Perl, Java, and C - I'm used to the way they work, I didn't really want to learn a "better" way to do it, much less teach my colleagues to use it. I'm glad to have the familiar framework available now in MATLAB.

As you mentioned in your 2006 talk (I just read the slides), most of us are not primarily programmers - we're scientists, engineers, etc. However, we use languages like Python and MATLAB to express our scientific ideas. I've long been a believer in using software engineering tools to make my *science* better, easier, more reliable and more reproduceable, and I agree that unit-testing is one of the keys to that. Still (as you also point out), it's not widely appreciated in the scientific community, and no scientist ever formally learns about these tools.

Having a simple interface to unit-testing in MATLAB is a big win, in my book. It should make convincing my colleagues to use it a whole easier. Thanks

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