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25 Apr 2012 Legend to latex converter This function converts a Matlab legend to a text annotation for latex interpretation. Author: Emile Demarteau

Really nice function. However, the font size in the legend is not preserved. This is easy to fix with something like
fontsize = get(legh,'FontSize');
set(legend_lbl, 'FontSize', fontsize);

Moreover, the script does not check for horizontal orientation of the legend. This is a little more involved to fix, but I have a quick and dirty fix if anyone wants it.

In my opinion, this function works even better if used with matlabfrag instead of laprint.

24 Apr 2012 PlotPdfTex PDF file exportation with LaTeX text and symbols Author: Emmett L

Really nice tool! I've also had problems with eps2eps: when using plotyy, it removes the left y-axis. As mentioned in the comments, this is fixed for me by using Str = sprintf('ps2epsi %s2.ps %s.eps',TempName,FileName); instead. I also use matlabfrag instead of laprint, which in my opinion gives better results.

16 Sep 2009 matlabfrag A matlab figure to .eps and .tex file exporter, similar to LaPrint Author: Zebb Prime

Extraordinary work! A lot better than LaPrint, I rarely need to fight this script. However, I do occasionally get a legend box that's too small for the legend text (the right hand side of the box cuts of a few letters). Usually solved by adding a "\," or two.

15 Sep 2009 LaPrint LaPrint prints a MATLAB figure to file for neat inclusion in LaTeX documents. Author: Arno Linnemann

Extraordinary work. However, I have two problems. The legend box sometimes gets too small, and must be enlarged manually. Also, when the x-axis has ticks as powers of 10, the "x10^n" does not appear in the eps. From inspecting the code, it seems this s only implemented for the y-axis.

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